Furtiveo revolutionizes your sales prospecting

You’re a salesperson, constantly under pressure, running out the clock to close a new deal? Imagine a world where answering a complex objection took just 3 minutes… This is clearly possible today thanks to Furtiveo, which is revolutionizing B2B sales strategies with unrivalled efficiency and speed. Furtiveo even enables an untrained salesperson to answer complex questions in writing, or to prepare a call with a Furtiveo AI agent.

An AI agent is unique to each company and can be used by thousands of sales reps at the same time… The AI agent does not replace the sales representatives, but assists them, eliminating stress and providing all the company’s expertise 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Imagine the situation: 30 minutes after the arrival of Hugo, your new sales representative, you challenge him to respond to an objection-laden email from a prospect wishing to negotiate. With Furtiveo, this scenario becomes possible and promises impressive results. Prospecting, the essence of your B2B sales strategy, has been transformed.

In short, what took days of work just a few months ago can be transformed into an hour thanks to the integration of our AI into your business.

Faced with this email, Hugo, although a novice, mobilized Furtiveo to articulate precise, tailored responses in just a few minutes. This time-saving ensures unequalled quality and personalization of response.

In the same way, after training Hugo in your products, let him immerse himself in market analysis to better understand your prospects. With Furtiveo, what used to require hours of research becomes an exercise of less than 30 minutes, offering precise insights to strategically guide the negotiation.

When a complex tender lands in your inbox, speed and accuracy are crucial. Furtiveo’s AI also helps you respond to invitations to tender: in just a few hours, your sales team, aided by AI, develops a customized proposal that highlights the unique value of your offers. Furtiveo’s technology analyzes and responds to the specific criteria of the tender with formidable efficiency.

Furtiveo isn’t just a tool, it’s your secret competitive advantage.

Furtiveo : The B2B Sales Effectiveness Revolution

Furtiveo is not just a tool, but the ultimate strategic partner, transforming Hugo’s first day into a show of commercial strength. Thanks to Furtiveo, your company can expand into a new dimension, one of least resistance when prospecting, managing objections, analyzing the market, and even responding to calls for tender.

Furtiveo’s real promise? Enable every member of your team to achieve more, better and faster. Furtiveo is capable of drastically reducing your sales cycles, so that sales efficiency is not only reinvented, but also optimized for maximum impact.

It’s time to discover Furtiveo’s potential for your business. Take advantage of our free demo offer and see for yourself the potential in your business context. Don’t miss this chance to significantly boost your B2B performance. Contact us today to revolutionize your sales efficiency with Furtiveo, just as Hugo did on his very first day.