The 3 golden rules of a Furtiveo AI Agent

In an increasingly competitive world, artificial intelligence is an obvious tool for optimizing operations and improving decision-making. At Furtiveo, we have developed highly customizable AI Agents / AI Assistants that form true strategic partners for our SMB customers. To ensure the success and effective integration of these advanced technologies among our customers, executives and managers, we follow three golden rules that define Furtiveo’s approach to AI development and deployment in an enterprise.

1. Permanent memory : What is communicated to the agent will never be forgotten.

At Furtiveo, every interaction and every piece of data transmitted to our AI agents is carefully stored and systematically integrated. Whether it’s numbers, rules, facts or arguments, nothing is left out. This permanent memory enables our agents to maintain consistency and reinforce personalization at every interaction with the user. This capability enables a new employee, for example, to start producing content or carry out strategic thinking in line with the company’s history and vision.

2. Systematic human supervision

Artificial intelligence is powerful, but at Furtiveo we firmly believe that the human being must remain at the center of strategic decisions and even operational tasks. That’s why every piece of content generated by our AI agents is systematically reviewed and approved by one person. This human supervision ensures that the agent’s responses remain aligned with the company’s objectives and values. What’s more, this ensures that the agent facilitates operations without ever replacing them or making autonomous decisions, thus preserving the control and integrity of each growing company’s processes.

3. Sector expertise

One of the strengths of Furtiveo’s AI agents lies in their ability to adapt to a variety of business sectors, and hold a strong expertise in them. Each agent is developed to understand the jargon, processes and challenges unique to each industry and even each company. Whether in finance, healthcare, technology, construction or manufacturing, our agents are equipped to offer tailor-made solutions that precisely meet the specific needs of each customer. This adaptability ensures that agents can not only respond appropriately, but also propose innovative solutions that meet the specific requirements of each business area.


In conclusion, Furtiveo’s AI agents, which are all 100% tailor-made for each company, agents that are sometimes called AI Assistants, aren’t just tools; they’re designed to be strategic partners that grow with your business. By following our three golden rules, we ensure that our AI agents are reliable, secure and incredibly efficient. With Furtiveo, get ready to transform your business by harnessing the full potential of artificial intelligence, while remaining in control of your strategy and growth.