At Furtiveo, innovation and continuous improvement are at the heart of our mission. Recently, we were lucky enough to discover Alex Hormozi’s inspiring book, “The $100M Offer: How to create offers so irresistible that people would be fools to refuse”. This book has helped us to rethink and perfect our offer, making it even more attractive to our prospective SME and startup managers.

Who is Alex Hormozi?

Alex Hormozi is an American entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist renowned for turning a small chain of gyms into a successful business. He founded, a private equity firm, and has helped thousands of entrepreneurs design irresistible offerings, generating millions of dollars in revenue.

How Alex Hormozi helped Furtiveo

Inspired by Alex Hormozi’s teachings, I decided to apply his advice to transform Furtiveo’s offering. By integrating his proven techniques, we’ve been able to create a “golden offer” that meets our customers’ needs even better. Of course, this exercise has been greatly simplified thanks to our Enterprise Generative AI, our very own AI agent.

I’m convinced that our new offer, built on the advice of Hormozi, is the most irresistible yet, and as its name suggests, only idiots will refuse it. To discover this exceptional offer, I invite you to request a demo on our website. Mention “golden offer” in the comments when you apply, and get ready to see how Furtiveo can transform your business.

Why choose Furtiveo?

  • Advanced AI expertise: Our Generative AI is designed to integrate seamlessly with your corporate DNA, boosting efficiency and productivity.
  • Ongoing support: We offer comprehensive training and support to ensure successful adoption.
  • Assured transformation: With our golden offer, you can test our solution without any risk.

Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your business with a golden offer. Request your demo today and discover why so many companies trust Furtiveo for their transformation.

Thibaut Lemay
CEO, Furtiveo