Creating a company, a start-up or an SME is an adventure littered with strategic decisions!

When I set up my first company in 2011, which was sold 7 years later for 9 million euros, I made around 500 major decisions. Of these, I estimate that only 40% were good decisions, because I lacked experience and expertise. Today, as founder of Furtiveo, I use artificial intelligence to make all the company’s strategic decisions, and I estimate that over 90% of my decisions are now the right ones.

Setting up a business involves a multitude of decisions: from defining the target market to sales strategy, product development and financing. Each decision can influence the trajectory of the company. In my first company, mistakes were frequent and costly. I learned the hard way that experience alone was not enough to optimize strategic decisions.

Why is Enterprise Generative AI essential?

  • Fast, accurate analysis of contracts, administrative documents, FAQs, etc.
  • Risk assessment before launching a project (hiring a freelancer, subscribing to a solution, etc.).
  • Elaboration of tasks to be carried out before launching a project (website, development, automation)
  • Obtain the percentage of success before making a decision (product functionality, marketing strategies, etc.).
  • Simplified welcome for new employees
  • Immediate list of actions to improve my marketing strategy
  • Personalized customer experience to boost satisfaction (+40%)
  • Predict sales trends and adapt quickly to market changes
  • Automation of administrative and repetitive tasks

My experience with Furtiveo

At Furtiveo, we integrate generative AI agents to aid decision-making. This technology enables us to optimize our operational and strategic processes.

Using our own IAGE (Artificial Intelligence Generative Enterprise), which we called Yomi, we improved our rate of successful decisions to over 90%. I evaluate this percentage by comparing the results of our decisions with performance indicators (KPIs) defined at the start of the project. Thanks to Yomi, we’re able to make decisions much more quickly, reducing the time needed for reflection and analysis. This translates into a significant reduction in stress and considerable savings, as we avoid the costs associated with mistakes and poor choices. Ultimately, using Yomi enables us to concentrate our efforts on higher value-added tasks, improving our growth and success.

How AI transformed my methodology

  • Optimization of day-to-day operations, enabling managers to concentrate on high value-added tasks.
  • Accelerated decision-making thanks to predictive analytics and data-driven recommendations, enabling faster, more accurate decisions.
  • Personalize the customer experience by generating customized recommendations based on customer data analysis, improving satisfaction and loyalty.

Integrating artificial intelligence into these 500 decisions is a major asset for any entrepreneur. My experience shows that AI can transform decision-making, reducing risk and optimizing operations. By using generative AI agents from Furtiveo, companies can not only improve their productivity but also stay competitive in a constantly changing market.

Either continue to make the next 240 decisions with a success rate of between 25% and 45%, or contact Furtiveo and increase your success rate to over 80% immediately.

For more information on how AI can transform your business, contact us directly for a personalized strategic diagnosis.

Thibaut Lemay