What is Enterprise Generative AI (EGAI)?

A Transformation Lever for SMEs?

In the dynamic world of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), technological innovation is not just a competitive advantage, but a necessity. Among emerging technologies, generative artificial intelligence (AI) stands out as a transformational tool, particularly when tailored to the specific needs of a company. Enterprise generative AI, like those developed by Furtiveo, goes beyond simple content generation. It’s designed to provide an in-depth understanding of a company’s identity-its values, its vision, its key figures, its market, even its competitors. This AI doesn’t just generate random content; it produces solutions and data aligned with the company’s strategic objectives.


At Furtiveo, each generative AI is the result of close collaboration with the customer, ensuring that the AI agent is not only technologically advanced but also perfectly aligned with each company’s unique needs and expectations. This means that AI can act as an informed member of the team, actively contributing to strategy and decision-making.

There are many advantages to integrating custom generative AI into a small business:

  • Increased efficiency: Automation of repetitive tasks, freeing up time for value-added activities.
  • Improved decision-making: Thanks to insights generated in real time, decisions are faster and based on reliable data.
  • Continuous innovation: AI can suggest new approaches to solving problems or exploiting opportunities, thus stimulating innovation.

In short, tailored generative AI can transform an SME not only by improving operational efficiency, but also by playing a key role in corporate strategy. At Furtiveo, we are committed to providing AI solutions that are not only advanced but also seamlessly integrated with our customers’ processes.

To explore how generative AI can transform your business, contact Furtiveo for a personalized demo. Get ready to make the qualitative leap towards efficiency, innovation and long-term success.

Innovation doesn’t wait: Adopt the AI agent to transform your business

Nearly a century ago, some farmers waited 40 years before adopting the tractor, watching their neighbors radically transform agriculture. Today, a similar revolution is taking shape in the service and industrial sectors, propelled by generative artificial intelligence. Are you ready to embrace this innovation, or will you wait 40 years to integrate an AI agent into your company?

At Furtiveo, we offer tailor-made AI agents that act as catalysts for every member of your team, offering a 25% improvement in efficiency, a 40% increase in the quality of work, and the ability to complete 20% more tasks. Imagine the potential: fewer repetitive tasks, faster strategic decisions thanks to real-time analysis, and more room for innovation.

Don’t let your business languish in the status quo. Join the visionaries who are redefining the contours of their industry with customized AI solutions. Contact Furtiveo today for a demo and discover how an AI agent can not only improve efficiency but also revolutionize your business performance, now, not four decades from now.