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Furtiveo boosts your company’s performance and efficiency by providing you, the executives and managers, with precise tools to maximize your output. With FurtiveReactor™, our major technological breakthrough, we capture the challenges specific to your sector and guide you towards strategic decisions. FurtiveReactor™ leads you to personalized success, perfectly aligned with your unique business plan and ambitions.


Improving efficiency

By eliminating unnecessary obstacles, companies can run their operations faster and with less effort, resulting in a significant improvement in operational efficiency.


Stress reduction

Constant challenges and obstacles can be a source of stress for employees. Choosing an easier path reduces stress and improves well-being at work.


Accelerating growth

By facilitating the adoption of new technologies and optimizing processes, companies can accelerate growth and remain competitive in their markets.

Furtiveo divides your strategic work time by 96

From 2 Days to 15 Minutes

At Furtiveo, we’re revolutionizing the way executives make strategic decisions. Imagine creating an in-depth SWOT matrix in just 15 minutes, surpassing the quality of one that would take two days of manual work, or even 4 hours with standard AI. Our advanced technology delivers tailored innovation solutions in just 30 minutes, and helps you write emails perfectly aligned with your company’s culture in 5 minutes. Furtiveo optimizes your customer service with fast, personalized answers. With Furtiveo, you can achieve more and better, in record time.

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FurtiveReactor™ will revolutionize your day-to-day operational and strategic operations in the face of growth challenges and opportunities in a constantly changing environment. This innovation, the result of a year of intensive R&D, has already been adopted and approved by a wide range of European companies, with sales ranging from 0.5 to 200 million euros. It specifically targets executives and managers in search of decisive competitive leverage. After a Strategic Business Diagnosis (SVD), our team designs your personalized AI Agent with 10 or 25 Reactors, true masters in the art of forging business strategies. FurtiveReactor™ accurately assesses your requirements and constraints at 250 points to propose only the most relevant solutions, facilitating your strategic choices and fine-tuning your operations. It’s the driving force behind your success, perfectly synchronized with your business objectives.

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Discover our know-how

How do you integrate AI into your business?

Furtiveo enriches each Enterprise Generative AI (IAGE) offering with customized training, guaranteeing seamless integration and optimal use of our advanced technologies.

Transformation Offer: Ideal for start-ups, small independent businesses and craftsmen, this offer features versatile AI designed to generate a rapid and effective return on investment.

Transformation Pro offer: aimed at medium-sized to large companies, including SMEs, SMIs, regulated companies, as well as those with subsidiaries or belonging to a group. This offer centralizes knowledge and facilitates the uniform sharing of skills across the organization.

The Strategic Business Assessment (SBA) is a crucial step in the design of your artificial intelligence solution with Furtiveo. It’s a detailed evaluation process that enables us to gain an in-depth understanding of your company’s specific characteristics, market positioning and short- and long-term objectives. Through a series of targeted questions, we gather essential information that will serve as the basis for personalizing your IAGE. This careful analysis ensures that the solution developed is perfectly aligned with your operational and strategic needs, guaranteeing maximum impact on your productivity and growth. The EHR is the starting point for your Transformation. Tailored to your company’s unique challenges, the EHR can be completed in around an hour, because it’s designed to be efficient and straightforward, without requiring secret or sensitive data. For example, for a company like Coca Cola, we wouldn’t need to know the secret recipe for Coca Cola. What’s more, you don’t have to disclose your company’s sales figures in order to set up your agent, which demonstrates our personalized approach while preserving your confidentiality and security.

FurtiveReactor™, at the heart of our innovation for over a year, is specifically designed to revolutionize your business into an agile, forward-thinking force through AI. Our approach is based on an in-depth 50-point Strategic Diagnosis of your Company (DSE), adopting a unique method for creating a strategic business plan, inspired by the experience and know-how of our founder, Thibaut Lemay. As a serial entrepreneur, Thibaut has incorporated his vision of both strategic and operational AI adoption into FurtiveReactor™, enabling every business to rely on technology to make decisions and produce content.

The process of creating a customized Enterprise Generative AI at Furtiveo begins with an Enterprise Strategic Diagnosis (ESD). During this one-hour session, the executive or manager defines the specific needs of his or her company. The information gathered is then integrated into FurtiveReactor™, our proprietary software. This solution forms the basis for the creation of Generative AI (text and images), perfectly aligned with the company’s objectives and processes.

To ensure smooth, efficient integration, we also offer video training (Furtiveo Academy) and operational training, which can be completed in just two hours. This training enables teams to fully master the tool and maximize its impact within their organization.

Good Data = Good Decision

At Furtiveo, every interaction and every piece of data transmitted to our Enterprise AIs, whether numbers, rules, facts or arguments, is carefully preserved and systematically integrated. This permanent memory enables our AI solutions to maintain consistency and enhance personalization with every user interaction. For example, it facilitates the integration of new collaborators by enabling them to produce content or carry out strategic reflections in line with the company’s history and vision.

Systematic human supervision

Artificial intelligence is powerful, but at Furtiveo we firmly believe in keeping humans at the center of strategic decisions and operational tasks. That’s why every piece of content generated by our IAGEs is systematically reviewed and approved by one person. This human supervision ensures that Generative AI responses remain aligned with corporate goals and values, and guarantees that AI facilitates operations without ever replacing them or making autonomous decisions!

Sector expertise

One of the strengths of our Corporate RNs lies in their ability to adapt to a variety of business sectors and acquire in-depth expertise in each. Each Generative AI (Text and Image) is developed to understand the unique jargons, processes and challenges of each industry, including the specifics of each business. Whether in finance, healthcare, technology, construction or manufacturing, our AIs are equipped to offer tailor-made solutions that precisely meet the specific needs of each customer. This adaptability enables us not only to respond appropriately, but also to offer innovative solutions tailored to the specific requirements of each business sector.

What is an IAGE?

Versatile Enterprise Generative AI (IAGE) is an essential tool for any company wishing to integrate artificial intelligence into its day-to-day operations. With its ability to adapt to a variety of sectors, IAGE can operate effectively in fields as varied as marketing, legal and sales.

An Enterprise Generative AI (EGAI) is designed to function as an interactive interface, where you can ask questions and receive answers in the form of text or images, imbued with your company’s DNA. Placed at the heart of your artificial intelligence strategy, IAGE acts as a fundamental pillar for developing and diversifying your operational capabilities. This deep integration gives your business greater flexibility and responsiveness, ideally equipping you to navigate and take advantage of the market’s varied challenges and opportunities.

At Furtiveo, we design versatile IAGEs, adapted to a wide range of operational functions, as well as specialized IAGEs, designed to specifically transform each key area of your business.

Our specialized IAGEs are designed to revolutionize specific sectors of your business. For example, an IAGE specialized in Marketing will fine-tune your digital strategies and audience targeting, while another dedicated to Research and Development (R&D) will catalyze the development of new products, adapted to the specificities of sectors such as chemicals, aeronautics, automotive or electronics. In Human Resources, IAGE optimizes recruitment processes and strengthens your employer brand. In Finance, it performs financial analyses of unrivalled accuracy, improving strategic decision-making.

Each specialized IAGE works in synergy with the versatile IAGE, establishing a solid foundation that equips your company with the essential tools to excel and remain competitive in a constantly evolving market.

What are
use cases?

Growth Strategy

For managers

Strategic Optimization: FurtiveReactor™ informs high-level decisions, supporting expansion and competitiveness.

Product innovation

Product Innovation

Forward-thinking development: Stimulate product innovation with deep AI insights.

Customer Service Excellence

Customer Service Excellence

Increased satisfaction: Improve customer interaction with fast, relevant responses.

Impactful content

IA Impacting Content

Maximized Engagement: Boost your marketing content strategy with targeted AI creations.

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