CDO Agenda 2024: Navigating Data and Generative AI Frontiers

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Tailor-made AI that transforms your SME

What are the 3 golden rules of a Furtiveo AI Agent?

  1. Permanent memory: At Furtiveo, every interaction and every piece of data transmitted to our AI agents, be it numbers, rules, facts or arguments, is carefully preserved and systematically integrated. This permanent memory enables our agents to maintain consistency and reinforce personalization at every interaction with the user. For example, it facilitates the integration of new collaborators by enabling them to produce content or carry out strategic reflections in line with the company's history and vision.
  2. Systematic Human Supervision: Artificial intelligence is powerful, but at Furtiveo we firmly believe in keeping humans at the center of strategic decisions and operational tasks. That's why every piece of content generated by our AI agents is systematically reviewed and approved by one person. This human supervision ensures that agent responses remain aligned with corporate objectives and values, and guarantees that the agent facilitates operations without ever replacing them or making autonomous decisions, thus preserving the control and integrity of business processes.
  3. Sector expertise: One of the strengths of Furtiveo's AI agents lies in their ability to adapt to a variety of business sectors and acquire in-depth expertise in each. Each agent is developed to understand the jargon, processes and challenges unique to each industry, including the specifics of each company. Whether in finance, healthcare, technology, construction or manufacturing, our agents are equipped to offer tailor-made solutions that precisely meet the specific needs of each customer. This adaptability enables agents not only to respond appropriately, but also to propose innovative solutions tailored to the specific requirements of each business area.

An Enterprise Generative Artificial Intelligence (EGAI), such as those developed at Furtiveo, is an advanced form of AI designed to integrate seamlessly and accurately reflect a company's identity and specifics. These AI agents go beyond simple content generation. They have a comprehensive understanding of the company as a whole: vision, values, key data, market and competitors. Each AI is specially tailored to meet the unique needs of our customers, acting as an informed and active member of their team. They play an active role in corporate strategy and decision-making, providing accurate, real-time insights, while strictly adhering to specific company guidelines and objectives. The result of close collaboration between Furtiveo and its customers, each Enterprise Generative AI Agent is not only state-of-the-art, but also perfectly aligned with each company's unique needs and expectations.

FurtiveReactor™, at the heart of our innovation for over a year, is specifically designed to revolutionize your business into an agile, forward-thinking force through AI. Our approach is based on an in-depth 50-point Strategic Diagnosis of your Company (DSE), adopting a unique method for creating a strategic business plan, inspired by the experience and know-how of our founder, Thibaut Lemay. As a serial entrepreneur, Thibaut has incorporated his vision of both strategic and operational AI adoption into FurtiveReactor™, enabling every business to rely on technology to make decisions and produce content.

The process of creating a customized AI agent at Furtiveo begins with a Strategic Business Diagnosis (DSE), during which the director or manager spends an hour defining the precise needs of his or her company. Next, the information gathered feeds FurtiveReactor™, our proprietary software, which generates a customized Ultimate Business Plan (BPU). This forms the basis for the creation of the AI Agent, perfectly aligned with the company's objectives and operations. To ensure smooth, efficient integration, we offer operational training in just two hours, either remotely or face-to-face, so that teams can fully master the tool and maximize its impact within their organization.

Furtiveo dramatically reduces the time spent on your strategic tasks, optimizing every minute for maximum impact.

From 2 Days to 15 Minutes

At Furtiveo, we're transforming the way craftsmen approach their craft. Imagine creating targeted marketing campaigns in just 10 minutes, rather than spending one to five days on an action plan with no follow-up. Our technology enables you to compare materials in 3 to 15 minutes, a task that would normally take up to four hours, providing a precise analysis tailored to your projects. Finally, write personalized collection letters in under 5 minutes, and respond to sales objections in a personalized, targeted way in just 1 to 10 minutes. With Furtiveo, optimize your creation and management process, saving time and increasing efficiency.

Our business: tailor-made AI for your employees


Thanks to our FurtiveReactor™ technology, we're pioneering the creation of fully customized AI agents, designed to seamlessly adapt to your specific business processes. At Furtiveo, our mission is to significantly increase your company's performance and efficiency, aiming for a 25% improvement in efficiency, a 40% increase in quality, and a 20% increase in completed tasks. Furtiveo can help you with both operational issues - drafting emails, analyzing documents, creating procedures - and strategic issues: innovation, investment, acquisition. Together, we'll work towards the personalized success of your SME.

Startup #AI_FIRST


The fruit of over a year's intensive research and development, our innovation has already won over and proven its effectiveness in a wide range of European companies, with sales ranging from 0 to 200 million euros. Designed specifically for executives and managers in search of distinctive competitive advantages, our approach begins with a comprehensive Strategic Business Diagnosis (SBD). From there, we create a tailor-made AI, perfectly attuned to your products, your vision, your industry and your specific needs. Acting as a true pilot for your company, this AI is perfectly aligned with your objectives, be they commercial, environmental or other, ensuring the success of your SME in harmony with your broader ambitions.

Customer reviews

Immediate adoption

Furtiveo's impact on our company was immediate and remarkable. Their mastery of AI, reinforced by the customization of specialized agents and compatibility with OpenAI, made integration exceptionally smooth, with a palpable return on investment. Working with Furtiveo has truly revolutionized our operational and decision-making practices, underlining their essential contribution to any company's quest for innovation.
John Penninck, CEO, Sports & Leisure Group

Customer reviews

Impactful collaboration

Working with Thibaut on AI projects has been an enriching experience. His ability to navigate the complexities of artificial intelligence while remaining focused on business objectives is impressive. Thibaut isn't just an AI expert, he's a true architect of innovative solutions.

Geoffray Delrue, President of GD academy

AI agents are as useful as a website or a company logo.

Thibaut Lemay, head of Furtiveo, excels in business strategy, making AI accessible and personalized for each customer. His vision and strategic expertise guide the development of AI agents, optimizing business operations and driving growth. Under his leadership, Furtiveo transforms challenges into innovative solutions, marking its role as a pioneer in the strategic adoption of AI in business.

Tel: +33 (0)9 78 45 26 71

FAQ Furtiveo


What is an AI agent or assistant at Furtiveo?

At Furtiveo, the terms "agent" and "AI assistant" mean the same thing. They represent totally customized artificial intelligence solutions, designed to adapt perfectly to each company's specific processes and strategies.


How is Furtiveo revolutionizing AI adoption in SMEs?

Furtiveo is revolutionizing the adoption of artificial intelligence by providing 100% customized AI agents that integrate seamlessly with SMB strategies. These agents significantly improve operational efficiency, the quality of work and the ability to carry out more tasks, in total coherence with each company's vision.


What benefits do Furtiveo's AI agents offer executives and managers?

Furtiveo's AI agents or assistants enable executives, managers and project leaders to improve their efficiency by 25%, the quality of their work by 40%, and complete 20% more tasks. They are perfectly aligned with the company's objectives and strategies for optimum performance.


How does Furtiveo ensure the quality and relevance of interactions with its AI agents?

To guarantee the quality and relevance of interactions, all content generated by our agents is systematically moderated by a human. This approach ensures total control over operational decisions and projects, reinforcing confidence in the use of our AI solutions.


What is Furtiveo?

Furtiveo is a company specializing in the creation of tailor-made artificial intelligence agents for SMEs. We design AI solutions that integrate seamlessly with each company's specific processes and strategies, improving their efficiency, quality of work, and ability to complete more tasks.


How does a Furtiveo AI agent work?

A Furtiveo AI agent is specifically trained to meet your company's unique requirements. After a detailed analysis of your needs and processes, the agent is configured to simplify operational tasks, provide relevant analyses, and assist Furtiveo customers in decision-making, all in real time and in a secure manner.


What are Furtiveo's AI agent offers?

Furtiveo offers several AI agent packages, tailored to different needs and company sizes. These offers vary according to the complexity of the tasks to be carried out and the level of personalization required, from multi-skilled agents for general tasks to specialized agents for specific functions such as marketing, HR or finance.


What's the difference between specialized agents and multi-skilled agents?

Specialized agents are designed for specific functions, offering specialized skills in particular areas such as marketing or human resources. The multi-skilled agent, on the other hand, is more of a generalist and can manage a variety of tasks across several departments, offering great flexibility.


How does Furtiveo personalize its AI agents?

Personalization is at the heart of Furtiveo's approach. Each agent is developed on the basis of an in-depth understanding of the customer's specific needs and processes. Continuous adjustments are made to keep the agent in line with the evolution of the company and its industry. Furtiveo relies on its FurtiveReactor technology.


What is the expected ROI after implementing a Furtiveo AI agent?

Companies can expect a significant increase in efficiency (usually 25%), improved quality of work (usually 40%), and the ability to complete more tasks (usually 20%). These gains contribute to a robust return on investment, often visible in the months following implementation.


How do you guarantee data security and confidentiality?

Furtiveo takes data security and confidentiality very seriously. We use advanced security protocols and comply with data protection regulations, such as the RGPD. None of our customers' data is used to train AI models.


Do I need AI skills to use an AI agent?

No, you don't need to have AI skills or master prompt engineering to use a Furtiveo AI agent. We ensure that our agents are accessible to all, regardless of their technical level. Furtiveo offers comprehensive training and intuitive user interfaces, making it easy to manage and use your AI agent without any prior effort in AI-specific technical learning.


Can I choose the type of AI agent for my specific needs?

Absolutely. Furtiveo offers the flexibility to choose between different types of AI agents, whether specialized or versatile, depending on your company's specific needs. You can select the configuration that best aligns with your strategic and operational objectives.


How do Furtiveo's AI agents use ChatGPT and what are the implications?

Furtiveo's AI agents integrate with ChatGPT to provide intelligent, contextual responses tailored to specific business needs. This integration automates customer interactions, generates content and supports decision-making processes. Using ChatGPT means a significant improvement in operational efficiency and a reduction in response time.


Are there any specific confidentiality considerations with Furtiveo AI agents?

Yes, confidentiality is an absolute priority for Furtiveo. The agents are designed to ensure that all processed data remains private and secure. Interactions with agents are encrypted, and data is stored securely. What's more, customers can customize privacy settings to suit their own security policies.


How does Furtiveo keep its AI agents' skills up to date?

Furtiveo is committed to keeping its AI agents at the cutting edge of technology. This includes regular updates to incorporate the latest advances in AI and adapt agents to changes in customers' industries.


What makes Furtiveo's AI Agents unique?

Furtiveo's AI agents are unique in that they are fully customizable to suit each company's specific structure and objectives. Unlike more generic solutions, each Furtiveo agent is designed to understand and interact optimally within the specific context of the client company.


Are Furtiveo AI agents scalable?

Yes, Furtiveo's AI agents are highly scalable. They are designed to adapt and evolve with the business, supporting growth and process changes without the need for replacement. This includes adapting to increased workloads and integrating new functionalities or modules as business needs evolve.


How does Furtiveo's training work?

The training offered by Furtiveo is designed to enable users to take full advantage of the capabilities of their AI Agent / AI Assistant. It includes videos, interactive sessions, teaching materials and live demonstrations to familiarize users with the agent's interface and functionalities. Furtiveo also offers ongoing support and refresher sessions to ensure that users remain competent and confident in handling their AI technology.


What is the role of the Furtiveo Academy?

The Furtiveo Academy serves to train and equip Furtiveo customers with the knowledge and skills needed to maximize the use of their AI agents. It offers courses and interactive modules designed to help users understand the fundamentals of AI, navigate their AI agent systems effectively, and fully exploit the capabilities of these advanced technologies. This includes learning how to manage agents, optimizing their use in day-to-day operations, and how to leverage data to make more informed decisions. The Furtiveo Academy is a valuable resource for ensuring that customers can increase their autonomy and efficiency thanks to artificial intelligence.


How does Furtiveo help SMEs integrate AI into their day-to-day operations?

Furtiveo helps SMEs by designing customized AI agents that adapt specifically to each company's unique processes and needs. These agents automate repetitive tasks, provide in-depth analysis to aid decision-making, and improve overall efficiency, enabling SMEs to focus on growth and innovation.


What are the main advantages for an SME of using a Furtiveo AI agent?

Key benefits include a significant increase in productivity, better data management and faster, more accurate decision-making. Furtiveo's AI agents also enable SMEs to reduce operational costs by simplifying processes and optimizing resources, leading to a better allocation of human effort to higher value-added tasks.


Does Furtiveo offer solutions tailored to SME budgets?

Yes, Furtiveo is aware of the budgetary constraints of SMEs and therefore offers customizable AI solutions that can be adapted to different budget levels. The offerings are flexible, allowing SMBs to adopt AI at a scale that suits them, with the possibility of expansion as they grow. Furtiveo is committed to making AI accessible to all companies, whatever their size.


Does Furtiveo have a specific offering for startups?

Yes, Furtiveo has an offer specially designed to meet the unique needs of startups. Aware of the specific challenges these young companies face, particularly in terms of limited resources and the need for rapid innovation, we have developed an AI agent solution that helps startups automate their processes and improve operational efficiency without compromising quality.

At Furtiveo, your success is our priority. Our tailor-made AI solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly with your operations, guaranteeing security, confidentiality and optimum return on investment. Let us transform your business with the innovation and efficiency that only personalized AI can bring.